The Forgotten language Of Dogs 

Foundation Course

Do you want to understand the natural side of your dogs?

Learn about our domestic dogs through the eyes of their wild cousins

This is not the world of heirachy and dominance that you may have been led to believe. 

This is a world of connection, relationship and authenticity

This four week course gives you the foundation for the approach, devised by Shaun & Kim Ellis which is used at the Centre.
This approach to dog behaviour/psychology was constructed with information gained from nearly 30 years studying and living with captive and wild wolves. Shaun’s old school naturalist way of living among his subject gave him access to information never gained before. The approach uses this in-depth knowledge of wolf families and their intricate language in a developmental approach to raising pups through their natural stages to become emotionally stable, balanced animals.

The same method is used to work with vulnerable, difficult dogs repairing disruptions in their development.

The behavioural work that is used by Shaun, Kim and the licensed instructors is now being backed by recent developments in neuroscience and emotions.
This unique course uses a mixture of theory based learning delivered online and practical video to teach the foundation of this approach.
By the end of this “brain-sizzling” course, full of "light bulb" moments delegates will find they have a completely different understanding of dogs and are left with a thirst to know more about this fascinating world.
The topics covered will be;
Week 1 - Social Characters

  • You will learn about the nine natural identities that dogs are born with and how this affects their behavior, both socially and emotionally
  • We will look at what education each social character requires and how a one size fits all approach does not work
  • We will look at the social characters in a Facebook live, where we will take you in with the wolves so that you can see the blueprint of these identities

Week 2 - Communication & Behaviour

  • Scent communication
  • Scent communication through the characters
  • Scent rolling
  • Movement Communication
  • Mounting
  • Words of communication
  • Clock face communication
  • Calming communication

This will be looked at through a live so that we can see the communication in action

Week 3 - Circles of Development

  • What is happening in the brain at each stage and how we need to support each animal through these natural stages

Week 4 - we will have this final week to look at some of your own dogs pictures and videos to answer some questions on their characters and behaviour

We will also look at some videos to see some of the theory in action

Each week, on the Thursday afternoon we will, via zoom to discuss the weeks learning and answer any questions (these are recorded if you can not make the call)

You would also be a part of a private facebook page. This is where the lives take place and where you can ask questions or share thoughts any time!