2023- 2024

May 26th - 28th

July 7th - 9th

October 6th - 8th 

February 16th - 18th 2024 


Are you feel disconnected?

We are born with a character, a personality. We are born into a relational ecosystem (our family)

We may be lucky enough that our parents/caregivers were able to integrate our individual character into the family and were valued for our uniqueness…….

Some may not.
We are often shaped by our need to feel valued, to fit in to our relational ecosystem, and sometimes this means abandoning our natural self.
We are forced by the need to feel connected or by trauma to operate in a character that is not our own and we may now be left thinking…

I don’t know who I am??

Wolves are the perfect “integrated family”
Animals differentiated by their character and function, linked together as a united whole

All valued for their individuality, respected for their capabilities and limitations

This is just ONE aspect of what you can explore with the support and guidance of our animals and ourselves

A place where you can come to lose and find yourself, all at the same time

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Self awareness

Wolves. Too often demonised, given the reputation of harsh teachers, a domineering approach to life

One of the topics that comes up time and time again on our WOLFWISE weekends is the subject of childhood
As people start the process of self healing, it soon becomes apparent that there are often developmental gaps from our childhood
Of course, many people are aware of trauma they experienced in childhood and are working to understand and integrate that experience
However, sometimes it is not what happened, but what did not happen that causes us problems later in life
Our early relationships impact our future ability to relate to others but also ourselves

The WOLFS parenting is second to none
The wolf family raises its young from the inside out, meaning that they connect with the inner experience of the young and offer their secure relationship to create balanced, compassionate, emotionally stable animals

They show us how to do this

Whether we are raising our own children, our dogs or RE-PARENTING ourselves through the repair process, the HEMENE APPROACH (the wolf way) can guide us along that journey  

As part of the WOLFWISE programme we will explore our early experiences of relationship and how this affects us in our present life
As we move into the uncomfortable, we can start to repair with the support of the team, human and animal
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Four weekends spanning the seasons



Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul. We'll support you in:

  • Being present and connected, to the animals, the rest of the group, the environment and yourself
  • Exploring your early experiences in a safe environment (a qualified therapist is a part of our team, on hand for any support)
  • Connect with your natural self, and see the value that you bring to life

It’s time to explore yourself like never before.

Sessions with Natures Teachers 

Let the animals SEE you, let them share what they see.

Getting comfortable in the uncomfortable

Exploring our comfort zone and exercising our stress management systems with some COLD WATER therapy 


Introducing the medicine of breath. Using transformational breath work to process trauma, and create wellbeing 

Re-connecting with the forest 

Reaping the many benefits of being among the trees while exploring how we impact the word around us without even knowing


Spending the year with the same group of people, sharing this unique journey. Over the weekends, the group camp together, cook together, eat together and support each other along the way

Setting the scene

The perfect setting for introspection. Nestled in the Cornish countryside, you will be held in this safe environment, creating the perfect stage for us to look inwards

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There is opportunity for transformation if we are willing to put the work in and look at the tricky stuff!! 
We will be keeping the same group of people for the entire year, with four retreats spanning the seasons 
This is not only continuity for the humans but also the animals. It means that you can build your bonds and relationships over the year 
Over the weekends there will be a running theme of “getting comfortable with the uncomfortable “
This could mean Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 
"There is no progress in staying in the comfort zone" 
Guests camp onsite, we cook together (food is provided) and work together as a group, supporting each other with whatever the weekends bring up for us 
We run sessions with and without the animals, all aiming to bring different aspects of ourselves into awareness 
This includes forest bathing, cold water sessions and transformational breath-work 
The Wolfwise programme is all about self exploration!! A journey of introspection, guided by natures teachers 
It is for anyone who wants to learn about themselves, to understand their trauma or development and create a better connection to themselves, other people and the natural world 
Our aim assist our guests in the healing of their own psychological trauma wounds by offering them an opportunity for authentic interaction with a unique animal on its own terms. 
The Wolfwise experience does not purport to be a complete therapy or therapeutic modality. Instead, it offers guests an experience that helps them gain a greater awareness of their own situation, and understanding of their own trauma.
It's not unusual for people to have powerful emotional, and sometimes spiritual experience following interaction with our animals. Staff are on hand throughout the weekends to help with this experience. Sometimes we just need help to make sense of what’s happened. Other times we need support to deal with difficult emotions, and to feel safe.
Our monthly zoom meetings and private group offer a support network between weekends to discuss our journeys, our difficulties and successes 
One of our team members is a psychotherapist who is on hand to support during our sessions but also available for 1:1 chats if needed 
We also welcome an energy healer to some of our weekends, where 1:1 sessions are optional for guests 
The cost per person is £2995
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"Being on a personal development journey myself after years of depression, this in depth weekend with the wolves, Shaun and Kim was a truly
enlightening, emotional, life changing event. Learning so much about the wolves and their activities as a family and how "humans can learn so much from wolves" (that quote will never leave
my psyche) was something I will never forget. Watching the effect on the other group members, watching the tears shed, the connections made
was incredible.."