Meet the Team

Shaun Ellis

Shaun has devoted his life to learning from wolves. His unusual method of researching them has given him access to an incredibly unique knowledge of the animals that he calls family 

Kim Ellis

Kim has always had a fascination with understanding domestic dogs. This fascination eventually led to meeting Shaun and his wolves. Together they research, constantly updating their work and sharing it with their amazing instructors

The Hemene Instructors 

Our instructors have invested much time into studying the Hemene Approach™  and are licensed by The Wolf and Dog Development Centre to use the method in working with domestic dogs

Neri Karazija

Neri Karazija, BSc (Honours), is the proprietor of Dog Whispering in Perth Australia, a company which specialises in dog behaviour and development and provides practical solutions and training.


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Sammi Ballance 

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Brian Abbott

Brian Abbott runs K9 Mentor drawing on two areas that particularly interest him, the rehabilitation of guarding breeds and gundog training. He has worked with rescue Doberman for over 25 years and his own springer spaniel is a novice gun dog champion.


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