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Is your desire to connect with your dog met with confusion or frustration?

Imagine a world where you understand every sound, behaviour and even scent!

That world is within reach with our course - "The Forgotten Language of Dogs"

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Are you fed up of trying every method of training and feel like something is missing?


This is NOT a training method! We specialise in understanding and working with a dogs social and emotional development 



"The first thing you will notice when you take this course is how much sense it makes from a canine's perspective. It makes me sad to see how their language has been misconstrued or manipulated by us humans for so long. But I am so thrilled and fortunate to find Kim and Shaun who with extreme hard work, validated research and passion towards these animals have brought forth the most authentic and valuable canine language course ever created. Can't wait to learn more from you both"


This course has been life changing and I feel privileged to have been a part of it and has inspired me further to want to learn more. The way that the course is presented and delivered is superb. I admire Kim's natural ability to connect with people with her honesty, humour and her passion and dedication to her work is paramount. I am thankful to have been part of a group of amazing people. Thank you Kim and Shaun and to the group for being part of my life's journey.



When I took on another dog through work with some behavioural issues I was seeking out help from lots of different sources but nothing seemed to resonate with me until I came across Kim and Shaun’s teachings. I was dubious at first because of the common misnomers that come with linking wolves with dog behaviours. That is very much not the truth with Kim and Shaun’s ways. All their teachings are about understanding our canine companions and forming deeper connections by listening to the wisdom and knowledge the wolves provide us with. I have learnt so much about my dogs and even myself through this course. The information is mind blowing and life changing, such an amazing course which leaves you wanting more!

You will never look at dogs in the same way again!

Join us on this enlightening journey where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. Gain invaluable insights that defy the conventional 'one size fits all' approach to dog training, setting the stage for a deeper connection and effective interaction with your furry companions.