The Forgotten Language of Dogs 

Introducing you to The Hemene Approach

A developmental approach to working with dogs, using a unique understanding of the "natural side" of the animal

Our methods are rooted in relationship

The Forgotten Language - MINI COURSE

An insight into The Hemene Approach™ . A development approach to working with domestic dogs, this approach is based on relationship and emotional connection 

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The Forgotten Language of Dogs - FOUNDATION course

This course introduces you to The Hemene Approach™, and teaches the foundation of this approach and our work. This course is guaranteed to blow your mind and you will never look at dogs in the same way again 

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Instructor training programme (to become licensed) 

Our instructor programme teaches our students over several years to understand and be able to use The Hemene Approach™ when working with domestic dogs 

The course is a blend of online and in person training 

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